Ben Boyd National Park

Stunning Ben Boyds Tower

Stunning Ben Boyds Tower

From Pambula Beach in the north to historic Green Cape lighthouse in the south, Ben Boyd National Park features rugged coastlines, vivid rock formations, unspoilt beaches and intriguing history.

The park was named after a young Scottish entrepreneur Benjamin Boyd, who almost created an empire here in the late 1800s. While in his early 30s, Boyd used a fleet of ships to establish a base at Twofold Bay. When it failed, he sailed, and it’s believed he was murdered in the Pacific Islands, broke and en route to the Californian Goldfields. His legacy remains in Boyds Tower and the Seahorse Inn.

There’s a much older tale too. The fine sands of Boydtown beach is where the relationship between the first peoples, the Thaua People, and wild orca began. The Thaua People performed rituals and dances to call and honour the killer whales, their brothers or ‘beowas’. Later, after Boyd left and Eden was established, the symbiotic relationship deepened and both parties hunted alongside the Davidson whaling family to catch around 8 whales a year.

The park is divided into two sections, with the township of Eden at its centre. It is bordered by Pambula River in the north and Green Cape Light Station in the south, with most of the built heritage, and all of the camping, in the south.


Light to Light Walk, a 31 kilometre hike from Boyds Tower to Green Cape Light Station.

Killer Whale Trail, a self guided day trip to discover the Killers of Eden.

Beach life, explore the best beaches in Ben Boyd National Park.

Haycock to Barmouth Beach Walk, a 4.2 kilometre walk that takes you from soaring headland to aquamarine river mouth.

Boyds Tower, a remarkable historical site and lookout. Take your chess pieces to play on the stone once used by whalers!

Green Cape Light Station cottages.

Staying over & Camping

Camping is available in the southern part of the park, at Saltwater Creek and Bittangabee Bay campgrounds. Both can be stops on the Light to Light track and can also be accessed by road. Bookings are required and can be made online. Backpack camping is available at Hegartys Bay.

Couples, groups and families can stay at Green Cape Light Station. The lighthouse is perched on Australia’s second most eastern point and is a remarkable, wild and uplifting stay for nature lovers. Learn More.


Whether bushwalking, kayaking or boating, the park’s landscape is unique.

The Killer Whale Trail uncovers the dramatic history of shore based, whaling from 1828-1930 and the unique relationship between people and the wild killer whales.  The self-drive trail takes you to five sites of important heritage and stunning natural beauty, both in Eden and in Ben Boyd National Park.

Walking trails include Pambula River Walking Track and the Pinnacles Walking Loop and the 31 kilometre Light to Light, which can be done in a day or over two or three stages.

Paddle your kayak from Pambula River Mouth to Severs, explore earth history at the Pinnacles, or have a BBQ lunch at Haycock Point.

Highlights in the south include built heritage nestled in stunning natural beauty – Boyds Tower, Davidsons Whaling Station, Bitangabee Bay and Green Cape Light House.

Location and Access

Access to the northern section of the park is via Pambula Beach, and Haycock Road which leaves the Princes Highway 8km north of Eden, or 10km south of Pambula. Access to the southern section is via Edrom Road which leads off from the Princes Highway 18km south of Eden.

Topographic Maps

The CMA 1:25 000 maps which cover the park are (from north to south):
Pambula 8824-II-S | Eden 8823-I-N | Kiah 8823-I-S

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