Aslings Beach – Eden

Asling’s Beach is in the heart of Eden, bordered by Lake Curalo and a natural rockpool, with 2 kilometres of beach separating them.

Take in the views from the 6km Lake Curalo Boardwalk , or settle in on the golden sand. The beach has many access points along Aslings Beach Road, so it’s easy to find a spot all to yourself.

The beach is patrolled in summer, and the foreshore has picnic tables, skatepark, sports ground, shower and amenities.

Lake Curalo is an intermittently closing estuary, typical of many on the Sapphire Coast. When the lake is open it is a delightful place to swim. When it is shut, it is easier to access Twofold Bay’s North Head, and excellent snorkelling.

The Rock Pool has fluctuating depth depending on the seas. However it is great for little ones, and the rock pools which surround it provide excellent rock fishing.


Aslings Beach Road, Eden.