Fishing Merimbula

Fishing in Merimbula – Pambula

merimbula fishing

Fishing on sand and gravel around the Bournda, Tura Beach, Merimbula Bay and the Pinnacles areas produces some of the best Flathead and Gummy Sharks on the NSW Coast.

The Local Reefs

Snapper, Morwong, Deep Sea Bream, Trevally, Nannygai, Leatherjacket, not to mention the many varieties of Wrasses and Gropers, are a bottom bouncer’s picnic, so if you’re looking for a special variety of table fish, be assured the Sapphire Coast has them. Available all year round.

Trolling Season

The trolling season runs mid October to the end of June. The fish targeted are Yellow Fin Tuna, Albacore, Dolphin Fish, Wahoo and Marlin. Trolling with lures is one method used to hook these fish. Slow trolling with Slimy Mackerel, Cowan Young and Striped Tuna is another. The best live bait, slow trolling season for Marlin is February and March.

Live Bait Cubing Season

Drifting over the Tathra and Merimbula canyons with live bait and running a cube trail produce some of the best catches of Yellow Fin Tuna and Albacore on the eastern coast of Australia. Big Sharks, mainly Makos are another fish caught in burley trails during Tuna season.

Wide Reef

Some good reef peaks are located just 15 to 16 miles east of Merimbula and Eden. The rewards are excellent with Tasmanian Trumpeter up to 35lbs, although most fish are between 10 and 20lbs. Also caught are Morwong, rubber-lip and Deep Sea Ling, Ocean Perch and Snapper. On the edges of the reef large Tiger Flathead.