Discover Moon Bay

Moon Bay is a small, secluded sandy beach bordered by rocky outcrops, in Mimosa Rocks National Park.

Access is via a steep set of around 80 stairs or you can take a 20 minute nature walk from Tathra.

Explore the cove for the rusted stubs of mooring rings and grooves cut into the cliffs – the remains of the log slide and mooring site where timber and farm products were loaded onto barges for transfer to ships.

Be sure to take along a picnic to enjoy in the sun’s warm rays or under the shade of a tree. If you feel like a walk after lunch, try Wajurda Point walking track and visit Nelson’s Beach. Read about these gorgeous locations in Mimosa’s Coastal Quartet.

How Moon Bay got its name… The first white child born in the Bega Valley, Caroline Moon, was born here when her parents landed with a flock of sheep en route from Camden near Sydney, to Kameruka Estate inland at Candelo.

Moon Bay is not patrolled and has no amenities.


Nelson Lake Road, via Tathra-Bermagui Road, just north of Tathra.

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Address: Tathra-Bermagui Road, Nelson Lake Road