Kameruka Estate

Kameruka Estate was the birthplace of the famous Kameruka Cheese. Originally part of the Imlay Brothers lease (1834), the property was eventually bought by the Tooth family of Kent, England, famous for Tooth’s KB (Kents Best) Beer, and flourished under the management of Sir Robert Lucas Tooth who inherited the property in 1864.

The Jersey stud was established in 1888, and the manufacture of cheese on the property was the foundation of the cheese industry in the Bega Valley. The famous Kameruka Cheese is now made by the Bega Cheese Co-operative using the original Kameruka recipe.

The estate was originally developed along English lines as a functioning village, with homes for tenant farmers, a landscaped village, meeting halls, cricket ground, and the planting of many English trees. Much of the original estate has been sold however the main house has been refurbished and can now be rented for accommodation. 

Past Kameruka Estate over undulating hills, this gently winding road follows the course of the Candelo River for 17kms to the township of Candelo.