Green Cape Panorama

Green Cape is a superb vantage point to view the Sapphire coastline. It is the second most eastern point in Australia, and it’s peninsular is almost 7 kilometres long.

Below the light house the rust red rocks of the wave platforms date back 270 million years. Look north and you may see the region’s three sacred mountains Balawan (Mount Imlay), Gulaga (Mount Dromedary) and Mumbulla Mountain.

Look south, beyond the curve of Disaster Bay and you may see the giant sandy dunes of Cape Howe, carved and ground during the last ice age. Pulpit Rock and City Rock offer more amazing geology.

An ideal place for viewing whales and seals, where the warm East Coast and nutrient rich cold Southern Ocean currents mix. Learn about the rich historic heritage associated with the aptly named Disaster Bay.

Light house tours are held daily during school holidays, by appointment or free to cottage guests.

Adult $12 per person. Pensioner/child $6 per person. Family $30 for 2 adults and 2 children.