Eden Smokehouse

Salmon Gravlax, Eden Smoke House.

Salmon Gravlax, Eden Smoke House.

Eden Smokehouse is a popular stop for locals and visitors.

The man behind it all, Stan Soroka, is passionate about producing gourmet quality food that’s natural, healthy and sustainable. Browse the range of nationally acclaimed, artisan smoked seafoods including mussels, pilchards, trout, hoki, eel and atlantic salmon, much of it sourced from the rich waters of the Sapphire Coast, and Stan’s family recipe for Gravlax is amazing!

There’s also smoked garlic (incredible for cooking) and chicken breast.


Address: 20 Weecoon Street, Eden 2551.
Phone: (02) 6496 2331
Fax: (02) 6496 2332
Website: http://www.edensmokehouse.com.au