Eden Killer Whale Museum

Spot a whale & we'll set off a siren that lets the whole town know!

The Eden Killer Whale Museum has told Eden’s stories for over 80 years and is home to one of the only orca skeletons in the world, that of Old Tom, Eden’s famous killer whale.

He and his pod formed a hunting partnership with men that lasted for over 100 years. At times during the 1800s there were up to 36 killer whales in Eden, many of which were known by name. Previous to settlement, the orcas had special relationship with the local Yuin people and it was through this connection that they bonded with the whalers, whose crews often included Yuin men.

The museum has commanding views over the bay, whale watching platform and bookshop. It also showcases maritime and timber history along with regular travelling exhibitions.\

If you spot a whale in spring, staff will sound a siren that lets the whole town know!

Opening hours Monday to Saturday: 9.15am to 3.45pm; Sunday: 11.15am to 3.45pm (extended hours during holiday periods).

Entry $2.50 to $10

Address: 184 Imlay St, Eden NSW 2551.
Phone: 02 6496 2094
Fax: 02 6496 2024
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://killerwhalemuseum.com.au/