Broadwater Oysters

sue-greg-broadwaterSue, Greg and the crew have one of the best offices on the coast –  the foreshore of Pambula Lake.

Pambula produces around 215,000 dozen Sydney Rock Oysters a year and have a subtle earthy taste, rounded by the daily meeting of river waters from Yowaka and Pambula and the incoming tide from the scenic river mouth. Broadwater Oysters is a working oyster shed where you can chat to the farmers as they tend to and process oysters.  Enjoy freshly shucked oysters on the lake’s edge (bring a bottle of wine to enjoy at the picnic table) or take them home, shucked or unshucked, to have at your leisure.

Oysters from Pambula Lake are highly acclaimed and have a smooth, subtle flavour influenced by the water they are produced in. The clean, clear waters of the lake are a combination of fresh water moving down the Pambula and Yowaka Rivers, and the tidal exchange from the Pacific Ocean – perfect for the production of the finest Sydney Rock Oysters. Opening Hours: 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, 8am –2pm Saturday.

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