Bitangabee Bay

A sheltered bay about 30 kilometres south of Eden, Bitangabee Bay has remarkable history and stunning natural beauty.

It has always been a safe harbour in a storm, and was also once a port for Green Cape Light Station around 11km south. The ruins date back to the 1840s.

A short, sandy beach at the rear of the bay overlooks clear blue water and a rocky shoreline that is home to much marine life, including blue gropers, moray eels and fish.

Camping is available, with 30 sites (including some camper trailer sites), bookings are necessary.


Travel south of Eden on the Princes Highway for 18km and turn left onto Edrom Road.
Follow Edrom Road for 6km, and turn right onto the unsealed Green Cape Road, and follow it for 15km until you reach Bittangabee Access Road.
Turn left and follow the road for about 3km, to the end.

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