Bermagui Fishermen’s Wharf

Bermagui Fishermen's Wharf

Bermagui Fishermen’s Wharf.

Bermagui’s Fishermen’s Wharf was opened in 2009, and follows 150 years of shipping that sprang from the pioneering industries – wattlebark, tallow, timber and dairy farming.

Today’s wharf building was designed by international architect Philip Cox who made a point of harking back to those days. It features the beautiful spotted gum trees that surround the township while being home to modern cuisine, art and retail businesses.

See the day’s commercial catch pass on its way to the Bermagui Fishermen’s Cooperative, which was built into the heart of the building. The harbour itself was built in 1959 and is very popular with game fishermen who seek the big fish – the marlin and tuna – made famous by American Western author Zane Grey during his visits in the 1950s.