Bird life, sea life and local produce awaits...

Our local waterways and beaches are Jenny Robb’s home away from home. A passionate advocator for our temperate marine environment, she lives on the beautiful Towamba River at Kiah, near Eden. Her journey begins among the birds and reptiles of the river, takes you to and under the sea, shares our historical stories and finishes with a simple meal made from local produce.

Trail Map

To view an individual point of interest, click on a marker below and select 'more info'. From there you can step through the trail one point at a time. Download links for GPS devices and Google Earth can be found below.

If your GPS requires a specific format for map data, download the GPX file above and use an online converter such as GPS Visualiser to convert to a format appropriate for your GPS. Select 'Waypoints' as the type of GPS data you would like to convert.