An understanding that spans centuries, a migration that re-unites us every year


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The Sapphire Coast is one of the few places in south east Australia that whales nurse and rest as they migrate to their summer grounds in Antarctica. In Australia, their lives are played out across the southern hemisphere, forever migrating between the warm equator to birth their young and the frozen pole to feed.

Yearly, over 25,000 humpback whales make this journey, and we've already seen orca, southern rights, and minke whales from sea and shore. Once hunted for their oil and baleen, today the whales are our guests of honour.

Our ancient coastline and ports offers unique opportunities for encounters from sea and shore. There are many short walks to take, headlands to picnic on and a small fleet of passionate boat operators.

Discover the unique relationship that formed between orca and man on the Killer Whale Trail and discover what we've learnt about these saltwater giants in recent years. And if you want to celebrate the migration with the locals, head to the Eden Whale Festival held every November.

The Sapphire Coast is named Australia's premier whale watching destination by Australian Geographic.

Boyds Tower, Eden.

Killer Whale Trail

Take a day trip back in time. When boats were made of wood and men were made of steel!

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About our Whales

Warm blooded, air breathing mammals that we once hunted, and now revere.

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Shore based whale watching

Seeing whales from shore is a part of everyday life in spring, follow us on Facebook or ask a local for the latest sightings.

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Whale Watching Charters

The Sapphire Coast is one of the few places in the world you can see whales feed during their migration.

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