Wharf Trail

Maritime history comes to life with retail hubs and working ports.

The Sapphire Coast’s Maritime history comes to life with towering steam ship wharves and working ports.

When pioneers first came to the Sapphire Coast, they did so under sail and later by steam. Later, fishermen needed wharves to get the day’s catch to market, you can buy straight from the boats and the fishmongers at Bermagui & Eden.

Find them at Bermagui, Tathra, Merimbula and Eden for towering structures or working ports with casual eateries or fine dining, great fishing and diving and even an aquarium.

Bermagui Wharf

Bermagui Fishermen's Wharf

Bermagui Fishermen’s Wharf.

The wharf building was designed by international architect Philip Cox.

It features the beautiful spotted gum trees that surround the township while being home to modern cuisine, galleries, retail and at it’s heart, the fishermen’s co-operative – all overlooking the little working port.

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Tathra Steamer Wharf

Tathra Steamer Wharf and Locavore Cafe

Tathra Steamer Wharf and Locavore Cafe.

The only remaining sea wharf on the East Coast, Tathra’s rocky red shoreline was a tough place to build a wharf in the 1800s, but the district’s farmers desperately needed a place to export their wares.

Today it is home to a local food and art hub, The Wharf Locavore, while the sea life includes fairy penguins and fur seals and excellent shore based whale watching in spring. Note: The Wharf Locavore is temporarily closed for repairs and is expected to reopen on September 1.

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Merimbula Steamer Wharf

Merimbula Wharf

Merimbula Wharf

Merimbula’s timber wharf is a beautiful place to watch the comings and goings of Merimbula Lake, discover marine life and enjoy a beautiful meal, day or night. But it’s long history has been also been marred by struggle, to build, to keep and finally to replace the wharf.

Visit Merimbula Aquarium and Wharf Restaurant, or explore the ancient red rocks below, they bear the marks of the world’s first forests.

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Eden’s Snug Cove

Snug Cove, Eden. Credit: Scott Walton.

Snug Cove, Eden. Credit: Scott Walton.

Set in a working port under the shadow of Balawan (Mount Imlay) Snug Cove harbours a fleet of fishing, charter and recreational vessels. Watching over the action from one of the eateries you are likely to see boats come and go, the day’s catch unloaded and fishermen working on their nets and tending to their boats.

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Multi-purpose Wharf, Eden


Multi purpose wharf, Eden.

Commissioned in October 2003, it is 200 metres long and 30 metres wide to accommodate naval deammunitioning, softwood exports, cruise ships and more.

When it’s not used for commercial activities divers and fishers make good use of area, where you can dive to see weedy sea dragons and harvest mussels, or catch fish such as snapper, morwong and more.

The wharf is surrounded by Ben Boyd National Park.


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