Eden Itinerary

Explore Snug Cove, take the Killer Whale Trail and get out on the water


The heart and soul of Eden – and its history – is Twofold Bay.

In this itinerary, you can explore Snug Cove, take the Killer Whale Trail and get out on the water.

The region is known as the ‘humpback highway’ and every year, between September and November, our waters play host to thousands of humpbacks heading home to Antarctica.

Eden is still is a working port, so drive or walk down in the early morning and watch the boats return with the day’s catch. Chances are you will catch a glimpse of your dinner before it meets your plate!

Visit Eden website here or browse events.

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Trail Map

To view an individual point of interest, click on a marker below and select 'more info'. From there you can step through the trail one point at a time. Download links for GPS devices and Google Earth can be found below.

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