Bega Itinerary

Explore the river and lagoons, sample Bega Cheese and learn the history over lunch
Aerial photo of Bega

Bega is the regional centre of the Sapphire Coast, with its heart is dotted with rich lagoons and galleries  – surrounded by rich pastures and rain forests.

In this itinerary, you can explore the river and lagoons, sample Bega Cheese and learn the history over lunch and wander through the Bega Valley Regional Gallery and others. This itinerary is also accessible by wheelchair, with the exclusion of Glebe Park lagoon (but you can drive right to the water’s edge).

The town is surrounded by rich dairy farming pastures and rainforest while at its heart the preservation of historical buildings, particularly in the main street and Church Street, make it easy to imagine what life was like when horse and cart ruled the roads. Just around the corner modern life returns with the Bega Valley Regional Gallery and Sapphire Market Place. Three kilometres north of the township you can take it all in at the Bega Lookout.

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Trail Map

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