Ocean Kayaking – an intimate experience with nature

HeroKayakThe dip of your paddle in a clear sea, soaring headlands and endless lagoons – sea kayaking here is an intimate experience with nature in all its forms.

By kayak you can power your own journey in one of the last great wilderness areas of Australia.

Naturally, it is one of the richest ecosystems in Australia’s south east. Here, the entire food chain thrives in the unique environment created by the convergence of the warm tendrils of the East Australian Current with the nutrient laden cool waters from the Southern Ocean. At the base of the food chain, microscopic plankton numbers explode, huge baitfish balls are formed, shoals of fish converge and a feeding frenzy ensues, involving hundreds of species. At different times of year kayakers

An Ocean Wilderness Sea Kayak experience.

regularly encounter pelagic fish such as tuna and marlin, giant cetaceans like humpbacks and sperm whales, and countless species of seabird.

The landscape is breathtaking, bearing testament to 490 million years of geological change. As sea levels rose after the last ice age, soft rock gave way to form sweeping bays and over 150 beaches, while harder materials held fast as rocky headlands. Materials such as sandstone and granite tells tories of ancient volcano and tsunami activity, and some of evolution’s greatest leaps. In the south, the Edenopteron was found in the red volcanic rock while in the north Picnic Point displays some of earliest known examples of fossilised shark remains.

You can take this journey in your own kayak, or arrange for a guided tour here.



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