Super murals transform giant water tanks

‘Spirit Dance’ by Joe McKenzie, at Bermagui Water Tower on Pacific Drive, opposite the Blue Pool.

A father’s wish to help his sons sleep at night has grown into a public art project that has transformed Bermagui‘s water tower into a giant canvas.

‘Spirit Dance’ by Joe McKenzie began as a bedtime story for Joe’s two sons, a painting of two colourful, friendly spirits to protect the boys while they slept and ward off bad spirits. As of this week, the two giants watch over the Bermagui coastline, also marking the entry to the popular ocean swimming pool, Bermagui Blue Pool.

It’s a public art collaboration driven by Bega Valley Regional Gallery curator Iain Dawson, in order to celebrate local artists & culture. With help from Bega Valley Shire Council, there are now installations on water reservoir  towers at Merimbula and Eden with plans to include Bemboka in the future.

Merimbula’s mural is by Stan Squire, whose colourful pen & ink creations have long adorned local surf boards and surf competition posters for decades. You can find it on Merimbula Drive, opposite the Motor Lodge at number 126.

Eden’s piece, ‘Junga Hunter’ is perched on a tank at the top of ‘Bellbird Hill’, approximately 5 kilometres north of the township on the Princes highway. It depicts a family fishing yarn by Eden artist Lee Cruse, and is a powerful 10 metre by 8 metre welcome to the port.

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Stan Squire’s mural of coastal life at Merimbula Water Tower.

Junga Hunter, a fishing yarn painted by Eden artist Lee Cruse is a 10 metre by 8 metre welcome to the port of Eden.


Bega Valley Regional Gallery has a series of workshops this summer, and a huge exhibition program for 2018.

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