Lauren Bath’s itinerary for photographers


There’s so much choice for nature lovers that even professional photographers say 5 days isn’t enough.

When Instagrammer Lauren Bath visited in late August, we gave her an epic itinerary of dawn shoots, sunset shoots and lots of experiences in between, like snorkelling in 14 degree water at one of our favourite spots and whale watching.

Here are some of Lauren’s amazing shots, and there’s a link to Google maps at the end of this article so you can find them yourself.

Enter the Sapphire Snappers #summersnappers photography competition, Lauren is one of the judges!

Camel Rock at Dusk.

Camel Rock in Bermagui, to me this is the perfect ‘gateway’ to the Sapphire Coast. If you’re planning on coming down have at least one night here but two is better, before making your way south to Merimbula and Eden.”

Horse Head Rock, Camel Rock’s neighbour at Bermagui.

“South Coast is possibly one of my new favourite regions.

In the last week I’ve seen seals, whales, dolphins, wild lobster, abalone, echidna, kangaroos, wombats, wallabies and all manner of bird life too. I’ve been in animal and nature paradise!

This (photo) is from a relatively unknown coastal town that is now attracting quite a lot of visitors, it’s Bermagui and this is the famous Horse Head Rock. Once you see it you can never unsee it. The best part about this morning is that we got the most incredible pink sunrise.”

On the Humpback Highway at Merimbula & Eden.

“So, who knew how many whales there are down this way?

Um, there’s basically millions! I did two whale watching tours on the Sapphire Coast, one with Cat Balou Cruises in Eden and one with Merimbula Marina in Merimbula.

The Eden cruise was on a calm still day with lazy whales floating around beside the boat and probably two dozen whales having a feed. (Did you know that Eden is one of only a couple of places in the world where you can witness whales feeding outside of Antarctica?) The other cruise, this cruise, was on high seas with water and wind howling everywhere, hence the less than sharp shot. BUT, on the rough days when everyone wants to puke, that’s when the whales love to breach! So, my deduction is … all whale watching is totally awesome and you should do it all but don’t puke.”

Snorkelling in Ben Boyd National Park.

“What a day!

ACWA (Australia’s Coastal Wilderness Adventures) took us out for a snorkel on the remote coastlines of Ben Boyd National Park.

Before you ask, “isn’t it freezing” let me tell you that it was BUT the team had all the right gear and I only felt cold for a minute as I was getting in. It’s hard to describe what it’s like being in pristine waters like this at this time of year and no photos can do it justice.”


Snorkelling in Ben Boyd National Park.

“There were forests of kelp, sea life everywhere and our guide caught two abalone AND a massive lobster with his bare hands! Imagine that? You’re a bit hungry so you head out for a snorkel and collect dinner from the sea, I was awed.

I’d really recommend you check these guys out, true blue salt of the earth Aussie operators.”

Dawn kayak on the Towamba River at Kiah.

“(There’s a) little birdie down on the Sapphire Coast that is passionate about what she does and who hosted me on a delightful morning!

Kiah Wilderness Tours, this is for you! If you’re ever in the area you would be doing yourself a favour going out for a paddle with Jen and Arthur. I’m talking peaceful waters, great company AND home made muffins! ”

Pambula River Mouth.

“And these are the colours of the South Coast!

Although I don’t have a drone I am very (VERY) lucky to get the chance to experience different operators when I visit a new destination.

Here, on the Sapphire Coast, we did a scenic flight with Merimbula Air Services and it was spectacular. This is right near Pambula Beach and the colours are insane!”

Bournda National Park.

“My last photo from the Sapphire Coast for now, I have loads of latergrams though!

This is a shot of Bournda Island, it was quite the mission to hike in and be there before sunrise but we made it. There’s just hundreds of untouched, unspoiled beaches down here on the South Coast and it’s really hard to choose where to go.

I had the best time everyone, thanks for looking after us.”

Image & Words by Lauren Bath.

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