Set like a gem into shades of green and blue, Tathra surrounds itself in the natural beauty of both Mimosa Rocks National Park to the north, and Bournda National Park to the south, home to many seabirds such as the endangered Little Tern and an abundance of wildlife.

The coastal town is rich in history and traditions of the sea. Tathra Wharf is still a centre of activity today, its historic timbers standing proud and creating a focus for visitors and those wanting to cast a line. It is the only remaining sea wharf on the East Coast.

While the Wharf stands proud above the waters, below is a wonderland for scuba divers and snorkelers. Fur seals and Fairy Penguins from the colony on Montague Island sometimes frequent the waters around the Wharf and are quite willing to let you be a part of their underwater world. Dolphins are also common visitors to this area and they can be seen off most beach areas in Tathra.

Tathra Beach

SCT03 TathraWharf

The beach meanders 3km around the shoreline, patrolled in summer and protected from southerly winds making it great for surf, board riding and sailboarding.

The Tathra Surf Life Saving Club has been in operation for over 100 years and is key to some major events including the biennial George Bass Marathon and the Tathra Wharf to Waves ocean swim event.

At the northern end of the 3km beach is sheltered swimming at Mogareeka Inlet (where the Bega River meets the sea).

Tathra Fishing and Boating

SCT Tathra fishingLaunch a boat at Mogareeka Inlet and fish for flathead upstream or take your binoculars and spot the thriving bird life. Or head for the Pacific Ocean with boat launching facilities at Kianinny Bay giving direct access to the sea. Or fishing from the wharf is also a great spot to catch some fish.

Capturing the moods of Tathra on camera take a lifetime - it is a photographer's picture paradise, one that's an all year round challenge. At Mogareeka Inlet at the northern end of Tathra beach where the Bega River goes out to sea, there is safe, shallow water and sandy beaches. A launching ramp enables easy boat access to the river.

The area is great for canoeing and windsurfing. BBQ, picnic, playground and toilets make this a perfect family spot.
Prawning in season sees many a shrimp thrown on the barbie (Nov - May), and the beach fishing rewards with frequent feasts of salmon and tailor.

Tathra has a welcoming charm about it, locals chat about where the fish are best biting, or where the last whale was sited in season. A special place to sit back relax and really unwind. The Tathra Forest Wildlife Reserve on the western boundary of town abounds with native flora and fauna. The 9km Kangarutha Track from Kianinny Bay offers a challenging walk with spectacular coastal views.

Tathra National Parks

pic_tathra4Bournda National Park and Wallagoot Lake have facilities for camping, wet weather shelter a network of walking trails, lagoons, beach access and wildlife.

To the north, the Mimosa Rocks National Park attracts walkers, campers and birdwatchers. It is a heavily timbered park, and its rugged coastline has caves, cliffs, lagoons and beaches to be explored.

As the sun rests on the horizon the rich colours of its rays cast shadows of ever changing contrasts. Rich blanquettes of reds in the winter change to plush shades of pink in the springtime.

MTB_5283_by Ronnie GrammaticaTathra Mountain Biking

Tathra is fast gaining a cult following for its super flowing seaside single mountain bike track and its annual MTB Enduro event. The event encourages participation of all levels of mountain bike rider, with races styled to meet those needs. The Enduro is blessed to have its event hub, and over 40km of racing trails located within a stone’s throw of the Tathra township (and main beach). In “family speak” that means you can ride from your accommodation to the start-line, race, and be back for an afternoon surf with the kids.

Tathra Dining and Restaurants

pic_tathra3Fresh seafood and other delights can be enjoyed in several venues in Tathra, from elegant restaurants, a beachfront cafe, or as a take away to your favourite spot. Two clubs and the historic Hotel offer relaxation, refreshment, meals and top live entertainment.

If you're browsing around the galleries and antique shops in and around Tathra have a range of crafts and giftware.

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