Killer Whale Trail

Take a day trip back in time. When boats were made of wood and men were made of steel!

Screen Shot 2KWT app downloadKiller-Whale-buttonIt’s a trail rich with whales and tales of adventure. This self-drive day tour takes you to five historical sites set in breathtaking natural surrounds around Eden on the Sapphire Coast NSW.

Uncover the dramatic history of whaling from 1828-1930 and learn about the unique relationship between the mariners and the wild killer whales (orcas).

In spring (September to November) these sites become perfect vantage points to view humpback whales as they migrate close to the coast.

You will find another chapter of the story at each stop. Bring your smartphone to scan the interpretive signs and view historical photos, video and audio to delve deeper into the story of the Killer Whales of Eden.

Hear the story while you see the sights.

Click to listen to an MP3 of the Killers of Eden story. Recorded in 1999, this includes interviews with people who were witness to many of the events you’ll learn about on the Killer Whale Trail.

This makes an ideal companion to the journey between sites, just play it on your car on any MP3 player or smartphone.

DOWNLOAD the audio app here.

LISTEN or download eye witness accounts here (50 minutes).

WATCH the ABC documentary here (50 mins).

Trail Map

To view an individual point of interest, click on a marker below and select 'more info'. From there you can step through the trail one point at a time. Download links for GPS devices and Google Earth can be found below.

If your GPS requires a specific format for map data, download the GPX file above and use an online converter such as GPS Visualiser to convert to a format appropriate for your GPS. Select 'Waypoints' as the type of GPS data you would like to convert.

What to take

Sturdy walking shoes, sun protection

Plenty of water, liquids for rehydration.

Insect repellent

Camera (make sure the batteries are charged and there is plenty of space on your storage card if the camera is digital).

Smartphone with QR code reader (not necessary, but can be used to access images, videos and extra historical content by scanning the interpretive signage on the trail).

Tips for driving on dirt roads

You will drive on graded dirt roads to visit Boyd’s Tower, Davidson Whaling Station on the Killer Whale Trail. It is best to SLOW DOWN when you are on a dirt road. It will take longer to brake in an emergency.

• Allow plenty of space between you and any vehicle in front of you. The dust stirred up from the vehicle in front will limit your vision and ability to react, so slow down and allow at least 40 metres or between vehicles (at 60kmh). Slowing down will also allow you extra time to move when another vehicle approaches from the other direction.

• Try not to stray too close to the edge of the road where the shoulder can be loose and unstable, causing you to slide off the road.