Wallaga Lake Bridge

The story of Emily Wintle…

Emily Wintle was the only freight carrier willing to freight goods across the water when the Wallaga Lake mouth was open to the sea. Emily was one of eight children and when she was just five years old she was bound-over to a farmer at Cobargo where she worked for 13 years both in the household and at heavy farmwork. She married Robert Wintle and they acquired a farm near Camel Rock. When her husband died in 1887 (she was then 37) she had six boys and five girls to support. Emily decided there was more money to be made being a carrier than a farmer. She carted stores from Bermagui to Tilba and backloaded railway sleepers, using a team of eight horses. When the lake mouth was open this necessitated unloading the wagon and taking the goods across on a punt, then swimming the horses over with the empty dray and reloading.

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