Visit Australia's top whale watching destination!

2015.whale.sc.aug14Steeped in whaling history and the last bastion before the Bass Strait, the Sapphire Coast is home to the best whale watching experience in Australia.

Once hunted by man and orca, today the whales are our guests of honour. We’ve learnt they stop here to feed and to nurse their young during their southern migration, often hanging about for days before heading into the Bass Strait bound for Antarctica. We’ve learnt the population is very healthy, and one of the fastest growing of any species on earth. This year, around 2500 whales are headed our way.

Experience a close encounter at sea or on-shore, be amazed by the unique relationship between orca and man and discover what we’ve learnt about these saltwater giants in recent years. And if you want to celebrate the migration with the locals, head to the Eden Whale Festival from October 30 to November 1.


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Killer Whale Trail

Take a day trip back in time. When boats were made of wood and men were made of steel!

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About our Whales

An understanding that spans centuries, a migration that re-unites us every year

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Shore based whale watching

Interactive map: Our top lookouts and headlands Seeing whales from shore is a part of everyday life in Spring. The bush telegraph quickly spreads the word through our coastal villages (in Eden it is amplified by a siren at the Eden Killer Whale Museum) and you will often see groups of walkers and passers-by spontaneously gathering at lookouts… view

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Whale Watching Charters

Whale Watching on the NSW Sapphire Coast – the best in Australia

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Whale Watching Offers

Each migration we offer you whale watching offers, accommodation and experience deals to celebrate the southern migration on the Sapphire Coast – home of Australia’s best whale watching experience – so please visit us again in September. You can also follow us on Facebook. Our ports and charters are right in town, the open ocean a stone’s throw away… view

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